Who We Are

Windmill Engineering is building the platform for cloud-native development.

Our first product, Tilt, focuses on local microservice development for engineering teams. We believe if Tilt can get teams to a place where they prefer doing all their development in local containers, then that opens up entirely new possibilities for the development lifecycle.

In the same way that git led to a GitHub platform that transformed how developers collaborate on source code, Kubernetes will lead to a platform that fundamentally changes how developers collaborate on servers.

We’re looking for a Head of Product to help us shape the strategy on how to get there, operating at the nexus of developer experience, code collaboration, orchestration and more.

We are currently a startup of 7 people, backed by top VCs. We expect this role to scale as the company grows. What you’re doing in your first month will look very different than what you’re doing a year in.

What You’ll Do

  • Shape both product priorities and product marketing strategy.
  • Set up better systems for how we collect feedback from our existing design partners.
  • Distill common trends in how people are using Tilt, and using those insights, anticipate how people could use Tilt in the future.
  • Seek out communities of developers that would find value in Tilt, and build a roadmap of how to convert them into active users and evangelists.
  • Surface user needs in the ecosystem around Tilt, and what new tools are needed in that ecosystem.
  • Partner with our engineering team to translate user needs into capabilities we need to build for Tilt, in both the short term and the long term.
  • Help us build a team culture where everyone’s doing their best work

Our Ideal Candidate

  • Lives in New York City, or would be willing to relocate.
  • Has written code professionally. We do not expect this role to involve any coding, but it will be hard to succeed in this role without a strong understanding of developer workflow.
  • Familiar with Docker, containers, microservices, and Kubernetes. Can explain what problems they solve.
  • Has previous experience in both large and small technology companies. Has both launched and scaled a product.