Our Mission

Modern apps are made up of tons of services.

Developers need a standardized environment to ensure all those services behave.

Tilt Dev is a dev enviroment as code that allows teams to define how and where those services run. Tilt gives developers a single service manager that keeps the services up to date with local changes, whether they’re running on a personal laptop or on a remote cloud cluster, whether they’re built from source or centrally managed.

We believe that turnkey cloud-connected dev environments will unlock new platforms and new ways for engineers to collaborate that they can’t even imagine today.

About Us

This is a big mission, and we’re a small team (10 people, based in NYC’s Union Square).

We’re software engineers and toolsmiths. We’ve built developer tools and consumer products. Nick and Dan (founders) met working at Google on projects like Google Sheets, Google Code, and others. We think cloud-native products like GitHub and Google Sheets are great because of the new workflows they enable. We’re excited to be working towards it.

We want to be a better company in an industry that’s been neither diverse nor inclusive. Each month, we give $100/employee to an org that’s making tech less toxic. We recognize “meritocracy” and “work hard, play hard” as culture smells.

Our First Product

Tilt relieves the pains of local Kubernetes microservice development. It already automates and optimizes container image builds, and has a Heads-Up Display UI that saves you from having to play 20 questions with kubectl. But which pains do we relieve next? What features relieve them fastest or best?

We need a Senior Developer Tools Engineer to help build features to answer those questions.

What You’ll Do

  • Write Go code that interoperates with the Kubernetes API.

  • Build tooling to help engineers build container images, update their local Kubernetes dev environment, and diagnose problems.

  • Pair with users on how to set up their environment with Tilt, ranging from old ecosystems (e.g. pre-container Java JARs) to new ones (e.g. functions as a service managed by CRDs).

  • Talk to external DevOps teams about the pain points of local Kubernetes dev. What new information could they see to get them unstuck? How do they diagnose a cluster, deployment, or service that’s misbehaving?

  • Architect cloud-native dev features that we haven’t even thought of yet. How can we make your data available to your team, and make your team’s data available to you?

  • Collaborate with partner teams to diagnose problems particular to how they integrate with Tilt.

  • Help us build a team culture where everyone’s doing their best work.

Ideal, but not Required

  • Has developed and deployed a multi-service application on Kubernetes. Familiar with common design patterns for managing microservices.
    (The Kubernetes pattern of declarative infrastructure takes some time to get used to if you haven’t seen it before.)

  • Experience with Typescript and CSS.
    (Though we expect you’re more comfortable on the backend, features will need a UI in our typescript/CSS frontend.)

  • Has supported an early stage product.
    (This is a new category of tool. There’s necessary uncertainty about what we’re building. There will be experiments we throw out. We know this can be overly demoralizing for engineers that are too junior.)

Interested? Apply.

Even if you don’t have experience or interest in every bullet, we want to hear from you. There’s no perfect candidate, and we want to find the right fit, even if it’s different than we imagine. We especially would like to meet underrepresented/underestimated candidates.

About half our team is in NYC and working from home during the pandemic. About half is remote, each in a different city. We believe you can be successful in this role remotely.

Must be authorized to work in the US, and able to work at least 5 hours overlap with US Eastern time.

Apply Here: Send an email with a resume to jobs@tilt.dev

Questions? Contact us